I'm thrilled that you are here. Let me tell you about myself, my work, and what compels me to do what I do. Let's start by stating the obvious:  I love ART!

I’m an avid museum and gallery enthusiast, fortunate to have an abundant source of inspiration at my disposal.  Professionally, I’m a workplace interior designer and have collaborated on numerous inspiring projects for many years. One of my favorite design principles is encapsulated in the quote, "When you design for the 10%, you design for everyone." This commitment considers people with different abilities and diversity, and this is applicable not only for interior spaces but also for the artwork that adorns it. 

Art is for everyone!

My artistic journey started in early 2020. Yes! That strange year when the whole world seemed to stand still. I recall taking long hikes in a nearby park where I found more than therapy – a renewing source of inspiration I didn't know I needed. While finding inspiration in nature may sound cliché, it genuinely touched my soul. With more time on my hands, I picked up my old brushes and gauche tubes and painted everything from tulips to landscapes. However, my favorite muses became the incredibly diverse and unique personality-filled birds. This fascination led me to painting birds, all kinds in various styles using acrylics and oil on canvas.

I enjoy blending traditional painting techniques with abstract elements, creating a diverse array of styles that aim to capture not only hearts but also complement various design aesthetics.   As an interior designer, I understand the innate connection between nature and humans, along with the health benefits of incorporating nature into interior spaces. 

Join me on this artistic journey, exploring the endless possibilities that fuel my creativity.